just a little reminder that i remade and won’t be using this blog anymore! follow me here if you wanna still follow me and junk

Please follow this blog if you want to keep in touch with me! I won’t refollow most people for a while, but I can guarantee I probably will refollow you at some point if we have some form of acquaintanceship!

small update i guess

i remade my blog and i’ll refollow people and post a link to it tomorrow!! im limiting who i refollow for now though just because i dont wanna be on much until things are fully sorted out for me

life without tumblr is really nice though. in 3 days i managed to make enough plans to keep me busy with friends for 3 weekends

Please Read

Hi everyone.

I’m sorry if I worried any of you with my post I made a few hours ago, especially because I was in the middle of a fight with my mom and she ended up turning off my internet at a really bad time.

I just got through having a very, very long conversation with her, though.
Long story short: I’m addicted to the internet. Not in a funny, “being in tumblr is so kewl xD!! superwholock FTW!” way, but in a legitimate, hurtful addiction that hinders my mental health.
When she turned off my internet, I had a really bad anxiety attack. I didn’t know what to do, and I ended up doing something really stupid. I had never been so scared in my life. After a solid hour and a half of lying in my bed trying just to keep myself together, I finally went and talked to my mom about my mental state and getting help for it.

Long story short: we’re disabling internet for me for a while. Not full on, but at most I’m going to be spending an hour a day on it. Along with that, my mom agreed to get me a therapist. And… honestly? I’m excited. I’m glad I’m finally being heard after 6 years. I’m glad I can finally kick my addiction to this stupid website. I’m glad I can finally function without having a breakdown every goddamn time something doesn’t go my way.

I still intend to remake my blog, in fact, now I intend to more than ever. I plan to still do that on Wednesday, but I am really going to limit who I refollow. If I don’t refollow you, don’t take it personal. I’m trying to become a healthier person and limit the amount of negative energy around me. I think it’ll be good for me, and who knows? Maybe someday I’ll be back and able to associate myself with fandoms again without getting anxiety over stupid shit like an argument with my mom. But right now, I can’t. And I need to learn how to handle myself and become a stronger person before I can.

So, uhh thanks for the past 2 years and 3 months on here, and I’m glad I could meet you guys!! I still intend to keep contact with people and really this is just an indefinite hiatus.

so yeah bye

Heteronormativity isn’t just about the presumption that everyone is heterosexual. The expectation that boys woo girls feeds into your mind the expectation that relationships are necessary for fulfilment, and you are less than if you are not having particular kinds of sex with a particular, and a particular kind of, person at particular intervals. It’s about what Lauren Berlant calls the love plot, in which love is produced as a generic text enabling society to interpret your life as following certain conventions. It’s not about what you want, it’s about what you’re supposed to want. You’re not encouraged to think about what you want in relationships, if anything, so much as you are encouraged to fit a script. Heteronormativity messes things up for everyone, straight people included.

i might actually be upset at all the followers ive been losing lately had it not been im moving blogs in 2 days anyways lmao





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